Become a Killer Whale!

At Maple Valley Swim Club, we’re proud to offer an inclusive swim team tailored for the young members of our community, aged 5 to 18. As a valued member of the Suburban Swim League, our swim team is an exciting opportunity for all children.

Participation on our swim team goes beyond just racing; it’s about fostering an environment where kids learn to collaborate, compete, and exemplify good sportsmanship. This rich tradition of camaraderie is deeply ingrained in the fabric of Maple Valley. “Once a Killer Whale, always a Killer Whale”

We understand that our young athletes often have other commitments, such as sports, activities, or summer jobs. We wholeheartedly encourage their involvement. Our commitment is to accommodate and work around conflicting schedules, ensuring that every child can be a part of our thriving swim team.

Learn more, visit: Swim Team Website