Maple Valley Summer Swim Club takes great pleasure in providing a range of membership options tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of our valued families. Our swim club has a rich history rooted in bonded memberships, and we strongly recommend this type of membership for new members who seek to become an integral part of our community.

For each season, we make available a limited number of Associate (seasonal) memberships, which offer flexibility for those seeking a shorter commitment. However, we would like to emphasize that a bonded membership is the more cost-effective choice in the long run, especially for those who anticipate making the swim club a cherished summer tradition.

It’s important to note that individuals who opt for a Associate (seasonal) membership will be subject to an additional fee of $50 in addition to the rates applicable to bondholders. This fee is a reflection of the seasonal nature of the membership and helps support the maintenance and operation of our club during the summer months. We believe that the quality of our facilities and the sense of community you’ll experience at Maple Valley Summer Swim Club make both types of memberships exceptional choices for your summer enjoyment.

We will are willing to provide payment options on an as needed basis. Email maplevalleyswimclub@gmail.com for questions.

Membership Types

Bonded- Requires a $350 one-time payment (non-refundable) bond payment in addition to rates listed below.
Encouraged membership type if you plan on joining Maple Valley for multiple summers.  Payment options available, no voting rights until paid in full.

A bond provides a discount on the associate membership and pays for itself in 3 years. As a bond holder, you receive special privileges, such as voting rights, ability to serve as an executive board member and early access to pool events. Most of all you are an owner of the pool. A bond purchase is a donation to capital investment and non-refundable.

Associate (Seasonal) – $50 payment due in addition to bondholder rates below. 

**Bonded or Associate Membership includes member and significant other plus dependent children under the age of twenty-one (21) and dependent parents of said members residing permanently in the same household.

2024 Rates

Single Membership
$450 (Bondholder) – $500 (Seasonal)
Valid for one individual in the household over the age of eighteen (18).
Couple Membership
$475 (Bondholder) – $525 (Seasonal)
Valid for two individuals living in the same household with at least one individual being over the age of eighteen (18).
Family of 3 Membership
$500 (Bondholder) – $550 (Seasonal)
Valid for three individuals living in the same household with at least one individual being over the age of eighteen (18).
Family of 4+ Membership
$525 (Bondholder) – $575 (Seasonal)
Valid for 4 individuals living in the same household with at least one individual being over the age of eighteen (18).

Additional Fees

Maintenance Fee + $75.00 (refundable after serving 5 volunteer hours)

Babysitter/Caregiver + $200

Student Membership (15-18 yrs. old) + $250 (must be sponsored by a bonded member)

Late Fee + $50 on any payment received after May 31st.


Senior Discount (65 and older) – $50
Military Discount (valid documentation) – $50


We love for everyone to share Maple Valley with friends and families. Guest must be accompanied by a member. 1 pass is valid for 1 guest. Don’t worry about losing them, passes are added directly to your member account for future use. Valid for year of purchase only, will not carry over.

1 Pass = $10
5 Passes = $35
10 Passes = $70


Any parent of a member who is living with, and dependent upon, the member is entitled to full pool privileges as a family member. 

Any child of a member upon reaching twenty-one (21) years of age shall no longer be eligible for swimming privileges unless he or she is actively serving in the military, is attending college, or receives full financial support from his or her parents. 

Any child of a member seeking swimming privileges who has reached the age of twenty-one (21) years or older and is self-supporting, regardless of marital status, and regardless of residence, (unless otherwise exempted as described above), must pay full membership. 

ARTICLE V, SECTION 2per the MVSC By Laws  


A.    If a certificate of membership holder (Permanent Member) desires to terminate Club membership, the certificate of membership holder must submit a written request along with the certificate, and it must be mailed to the Membership Director.  Written resignation requests must be signed by the certificate of membership holder and must be post marked no later than December 31st.

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