By completing the registration process, it is understood that any individual registering/listed will be bound by the Rules and Regulations set forth by Member Splash HOA for use of the pool and that everyone listed are permanent household residents.  You also agree that you and your family’s pool privileges can be suspended or revoked, and you may be fined by the Board of Directors for non-compliance of the rules and regulations, or for falsification of any provision on this registration and that management has the right to use its enforcement authority as provided in Article VIII of the Member Splash HOA Covenants.  This registration serves as a formal agreement signed between Member Splash HOA and the registering individuals.

The Member Splash HOA Rules and Regulations can be found on the website or can be obtained by contacting the site office at (443) 203-8242 or

Accounts must be current on their assessments/other fees owed to gain access to the pool.

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